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Sharjah: You can now renew your driving license online!

No more waiting in queues to renew your driving licence..

Annoyed by parking failures?

Here's an easy way to report vehicle obstructions..

RTA installs emoji speed limit signs!

New smart speed limit signs around school areas..

Dubai schools to have Robots soon!

Students will have robots in their classrooms..

Fortune Cookie Day: These fortune cookies will make you laugh!

Jacob played a little game with listeners today, Here's some of the hilarious fortune cookies he read..

The UAE launches The Floating Venice and it looks insane!

The world’s first underwater luxury vessel resort to be in Dubai..

5 facts about Chris Rock!

Our favorite comedian is coming to the UAE!

New speed limit to these UAE roads!

Update in UAE traffic rules..

Watch: Jay-Z gets the crowd singing for Beyoncé on her birthday!

What does a good birthday look like to you?

Taylor Swift; The ultimate bridesmaid!

Check out her pictures..

Tips we've learned from staying at a hotel during Public Holidays!

Here's what you need to keep in mind when booking a stay-cation in public holidays...

World's longest zipline to be in RAK!

The closest to the experience of flying..

Your guide to Eid Al Adha in the UAE!

All what you need to know and things to do this eid in the UAE..

5 inspiring Emirati Women!

It's Emirati Women's Day!

Best red carpet fashion of the 2017 VMA!

Here's the highlight of the 2017 VMA and our favorite red carpet outfits..

Did you spot the smiley emoji on UAE Roads?

This road has smiley emojis..

Did you know you can sell your home within 30 minutes?

Check out how! It's FREE, it's FAST and its EASY!

Did Game of Thrones fans bombard your timeline yet?

Check out the best twitter reactions from people who don't watch GOT..

Not sure if the radar caught you? Here's an easy way to find out!

Easy steps to search and pay your fines in UAE..

Best reactions from International Roller Coaster Day!

Check out these hilarious pictures of people's reaction on a roller coaster..

Abu Dhabi is officially the safest city in the world!

Capital of UAE as the lowest crime rate...

Justin Bieber's unbelievable transformation over the years!

Story of how JB got discovered and shocking pictures of how his looks changed..

Are Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt getting back together?!

Rumors about the Hollywood stars calling off their divorce..

Now its real.. Dubai's flying taxi!

Check out the world’s first automated aerial taxis..

Here it comes.. The world's largest wheel!

Check out Dubai's majestic observation wheel..

Check out the new last exit food park!

Mad X to open this weekend..

This new EDM track is epic!

Check out this mega collaboration with huge DJs..

Check out the incredible Dubai Creek Tower!

Expect to see a new tower in Dubai soon, taller than Burj Khalifa..

Rick and Morty Fans.. Season 3 is here!

Rick and Morty officially aired this week..

Petrol prices for August!

Gas prices is increasing this month...

Abu Dhabi Sunny 40°C
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Dubai Sunny 39°C
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