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Example announces his wife is pregnant!

Elliot Gleave and Erin McNaught pregnant with their first child!

Are Beyonce & Jay-Z about to split?!

As soon as they get off the 'On The Run' tour?!

Hottest hunks of 2014 announced...

You need to see who is in the top 5! Do you agree with these?!

The view from ON TOP of the Burj Khalifa!

This video is AMAZING! You need to see these views...

Justin Bieber risks going to jail!

As he gets extremely close to violating his probation... You won't believe what has happened...

Katy Perry dedicates video to MH17 victims

Teaming up with Unicef to launch the video titled 'Unconditionally'.

Zayn Malik snubs Louis Tomlinson! :(

Zayn Malik only 1D member to not attend Louis' mothers wedding...
Is something wrong in the One Direction camp?

Shakira is Facebook's most liked EVER!

100,000,000 likes! Even Mark Zuckerburg left Shakira a comment to say well done!

Eid holidays announced!

Public sector workers get NINE days off! Click to see what the private sector will get...

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