104.8 Channel 4 – Competition Terms and Conditions

1. 104.8 Channel 4 is part of the Channel 4 Network owned by Ajman Independent Studios and part of the Al Murad Group. Channel 4 broadcasts across the UAE.

2. As part of our commitment to providing an entertaining commercial radio station we regularly offer our listeners the opportunity to win exciting prizes funded either by the station or in partnership with commercial clients. Such opportunities to win are offered through a variety of creative and entertaining mechanics either on air, on ground at events or through the stations digital channels

3. By entering any of our contests you agree to the following terms and conditions and where applicable any specific rules that we may additionally include for a specific promotion. If you do not agree in full then please do not enter.

4. Please note, Channel 4 accepts no liability for any third party competitions which may be promoted through commercial agreements such as advertising campaigns or at events associated with Channel 4.

5. You are required to be honest and transparent at all times when entering a competition on Channel 4. We may require you to provide documentation by way of verification of your personal details. Failure to do so may result in your disqualification at the sole discretion of the Channel 4.

6. You agree to co-operate as instructed by Channel 4 in order to reasonably fulfil the entry requirements of the competition and you agree that your participation can be broadcast and represented on any or all of Channel 4’s digital channels.

7. Competitions are open to all UAE residents with valid ID with the exception of employees, friends or family members of persons employed by The Channel 4 Network.

8. If you win a prize with a value exceeding AED 5000 please do not enter another contest with Channel 4 for a period of 6 months as you will be ineligible to win

9. Upon winning a prize you will be contacted within 28 days to arrange prize fulfillment. If we are unable to contact you during this period, despite repeated efforts, your prize will be void.

10. Please ensure you are in suitable health to participate in all elements of a competition. You enter any competition at your own risk and you must declare any medical issues in advance of any relevant elements of a contest.

11. If we believe you to be under the influence of alcohol of illegal substance you may be disqualified.

12. For SMS competitions please note that we are not responsible for any technical failure and can only include the entries that we receive within reasonable time.

13. By entering through SMS you accept any charges associated with the process.

14. We cannot guarantee your entry will be included if information requested is incorrect.

15. If we do call you but cannot get through to speak to you please be advised that we will need to move on and contact another entrant.

16. You accept any prize at your own risk and we are not liable beyond the point of awarding your prize.

17. From time to time we may offer an alternative to a prize, this is at our discretion and cannot be requested by the winner.

18. Experience and Holiday prizes must be taken in strict accordance with the terms of that specific promotion and may be subject to limitation of travel dates. They are non-transferable.

19. In order to win a holiday prize you must have all the required travel documents and arrange your own travel insurance and medical provision.

20. For ticket prizes please be advised that you must comply with the terms and conditions of the event and the venue.

21. Channel 4 reserves the right to amend or cancel a competition at any point during its term in the event of unforeseen circumstances. In such circumstances all entries will be void.

22. Should you wish to raise any questions with regard to the terms and conditions please email info@channel4fm.com

Good luck!