We spend our whole lives undervaluing the worth of 60 seconds until someone asks us to hold a plank. Have you ever held a plank and felt your body vibrate like your phone on steroids? We’re sure you have. You don’t even need to be that big of a fitness enthusiast to know that holding this position is way tougher than it looks. If you’re anything like us, it won’t take you more than a minute to release the hold and fall to the ground… ‘cause no one’s that desperate for abs, right?

While the (not-so-fit) layman may not see much sense in subjecting themselves to this level of working out, there are those who are so dedicated to this lifestyle, it’s awe-inducing! One such woman, who is officially leading the pack of this highly inspirational and driven lot, is fitness enthusiast, Dana Glowacka.

Only recently, the Canadian yoga instructor beat the previous Guinness World Record for a female plank by almost an hour, holding this position for a whopping 4 hours and 20 minutes! Something that is hard to even imagine for most of us. However, as you can imagine, being able to pull off something like this doesn’t really happen overnight, and speaking to the press, Dana confirmed this. “The first time I tried it, I could barely hold myself up for about 4 minutes! Slowly, I built up the time, which brought me to the 2016 International World Cup Plank Challenge in Beijing. I placed second there, with a time of two hours and five minutes.”


Dana further revealed that she had received much adulation for this major improvement, but having the quality that separates the good from the great, she decided to focus on doubling her record. With a big serving of commitment and a side of elbow wounds, she finally managed to succeed. Taking to Instagram, Dana thanked her brother in a post, for supporting her and facilitating a surprise right before she attempted the record-breaking moment. The post read: "My brother surprised me with a literally 24 hours trip to just support me and push the button of starting and ending line of the new world record set for the Longest Abdominal Plank of 4hrs, 20min. Here he is...my brother, standing strong by my side like an Angel (sic)."