seagull final

Seagulls acting strange lately or are they just being a nuisance?

Living by the seaside has its perks but in this case not every time. Unfortunately for an elderly couple from Lancashire, Roy and Brenda Pickard were held hostage in their own seaside home for six days.

To our surprise, it wasn’t another person but a “Seagull.”

Since two seagull chicks had slipped onto the canopy directly above their door. When the couple when tried to leave they would be confronted by two adult seagulls. One Seagull had attacked Roy on the head when he did attempt to leave.

The frighten elderly couple had no chance to escape the two big birds and since his wife wasn’t very mobile. It was all up to him to get out.

Luckily he had an integrated garage and could drive himself to the hospital. Even though his bruises aren't so serious, he is very furious as nothing can be done to the birds.

Since the gulls are Herring Gulls and are protected once nesting, there is a limited solution available. The Wyre Council sent a man down who took some images and an umbrella to protect them from the birds. The chicks could be there till the end of July and nothing can be done.

After last week of a Seagull snatched a dog, yes this seems rather strange but very true. What’s worse is a Seagull trapped an elderly couple in the house for 6 days.

Hostage by a seagull, we don’t know whether to laugh or be worried.