#giveway #givehope

Even though there are 111 ambulance points in Dubai and still it remains a challenge for emergency vehicles to reach their destination on time.
A lot of vehicles are still not giving way to emergency vehicles and it cannot be emphasized enough why this is such a critical problem. Every vehicle that obstructs or slows down an emergency vehicle, is potentially ruining the chances of someone somewhere being saved back to life.
The Give Way…Give Hope campaign was launched to educate motorists on their basic responsibilities.

Dubai police are making determined efforts in various ways. A new fine of AED3,000, vehicle confiscation and six black points that will hopefully make a difference.
Last year, 358 drivers were fined in the UAE for not giving way to emergency vehicles and thankfully over the last few years, the number has come down to 166 motorists fined in 2018 compared to 247 the previous year.

Dubai Police are experimenting with the idea of alerting vehicles about the arrival of emergency vehicles on their route through broadcast messages sent through radio.

I guess all that can be done is to get out the way because someone’s life depends on it.