The tourist destination Dubai Safari is closing for 108 days for an upgrade over the summer!

The park will be closed from May 15th, to reopen its doors on October 1st with a new customer experience!

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If you haven't checked it out yet, Dubai Safari is the new home for more than 2500 animals from all over the world!

It aims ‎to be one of the top ten zoos internationally, and a leading tourist destination ‎worldwide.

Here's what you'll get to experience when you visit the park!

Arabian Village:

Arabian Village

Your Dubai Safari tour begins here! The tram takes you throughout the Arabian desert while the park's trained guide will point out the animals as you pass by, many of these beautiful creatures can now only be seen in captivity.

Safari Village:

Safari Village

This is the main attraction of the park. You will take a journey in the park's bus through Africa then Asia.

Some of the highlights of this unforgettable journey are the only drive through exhibits in the UAE, such as the hippo exhibit and the baboon canyon with over 70 baboons living as one large troop!

African Village

African Village

In this village, you can  relax in the world of flight with birds from all over the planet! There is also a reptile house, monkey and lemur islands, and an underwater viewing of pygmy hippos where you can watch these secretive animals swimming up close to the glass!

More and more Villages to explore at the incredible Dubai Safari.

Will leave you with this cute Black & White Ruffed Lemur.. You can find him at the African Village!