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Let me tell you the story of how I got into radio. Being 5 minutes younger than my twin brother, I always felt the need to speak out loud to get my parents attention. This habit grew on me, and now everyone complains of my loud voice. Despite this habit being an annoyance to my […]

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JJ is a self proclaimed attention seeking plonker. Being from a family of 7, his constant need for attention is next level. A teenage girl trapped in a man-childs body…Boybands, Twitter, Make-up… you know…the norm.   Having made it into the Xfactor UK Finals Kingsland Road in 2013, his cheeky-chappy style eventually led him down […]

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EVENINGS 7PM – 10PM Mica always heard “you talk so much” growing up. So she kept doing what she loved and turned it into a career. Landing her first job as a road runner, she worked her way up to being a presenter. But after a few vacays  in Dubai she never wanted to leave. […]

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Nimi played professional tennis until the age of 18, when she decided to switch gears and pursue her passion for broadcast journalism. Joining MTV UK, Nimi was able to share her views and commentary on the leading fashion trends and events and gained valuable experience in hosting both live and recorded events. Nimi was offered […]

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At 20 years old, Jacob is the youngest, yet most intelligent member of the Channel 4 family. Born in New Zealand, growing up in Australia and now living in the UAE, Jacob boasts a personality like no other. Some people say listening to Jacob is as satisfying as listening to a baby’s laugh or hearing […]

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The half Iraqi, half Polish Brit, who you might see lounging on Jumeirah beach, or snapped out & about in the UAE nightlife. Happiest when chilling with her cat Buddy. Proudest moments at Channel 4: getting a Guinness World Record for longest underwater broadcast, picking ‘Mr Dubai’ 2017 and rescuing the Ajman stray cats! Eve’s […]

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