Epic Lineup at MEFCC Abu Dhabi 2024: A Weekend of Fandom Delight

Get ready for a weekend of unparalleled geekdom as the Middle East Film & Comic Con (MEFCC) descends upon Abu Dhabi from February 9th to 11th, promising an extraordinary experience for fans of pop culture. This year's event boasts a star-studded lineup, featuring the likes of Inaki Godoy from the Netflix live-action adaptation of One Piece, and the dynamic duo of mischief, James and Oliver Phelps, famous for their roles as Fred and George Weasley in the Harry Potter series.

Fans of the acclaimed One Piece series are in for a treat as Inaki Godoy, who plays Luffy in the upcoming Netflix adaptation, will be gracing the MEFCC stage. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in exclusive Q&A sessions, get a sneak peek into the much-anticipated series, and perhaps even snag an autograph from the talented actor.

Adding to the magical atmosphere, James and Oliver Phelps, beloved for their portrayal of the mischievous Weasley twins in the Harry Potter films, will be in attendance. With their infectious charm and entertaining anecdotes from the Wizarding World, the Phelps twins are sure to cast a spell on MEFCC attendees. Fans can look forward to a magical weekend filled with wizardry, wonder, and, undoubtedly, a bit of mischief.

MEFCC Abu Dhabi has become a hub for fans of comics, movies, and pop culture, providing a platform for enthusiasts to celebrate their passions. From engaging panel discussions to cosplay competitions, the event promises an immersive experience for attendees of all ages.

So mark your calendars and join the festivities from February 9th to 11th as MEFCC Abu Dhabi 2024 transforms the UAE capital into a haven for all things geeky and glorious. Whether you're a fan of anime, comics, or fantasy literature, this event is your ticket to a weekend of unforgettable fandom moments.