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Save Steve's job


Save Steve’s Job is insydo’s first media campaign; it’s our big ‘Hello!’ to Dubai. The idea was born off the back of a coffee-infused conversation that gained momentum. We didn’t want to launch insydo with just another marketing campaign; we wanted to stand out from the crowd so here’s the story, let’s start with insydo:

insydo is your new back-pocket buddy, your digital guide to all things Dubai. From plumbers and play areas to sports and spas, we provide insyder tips on just about everything the city has to offer by going undercover to discover the best of Dubai.

As for Steve, well he’s our ‘Marketing Man’… At least, he is for now. Steve’s that fresh-faced Dubai dreamer who ditched the corporate world in search of start-up success (…you know, the ‘big bucks’), and we’ve decided to put his skills to the test.

To learn more about the campaign and support Steve, check out