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James Everton

Meet James… He is from a little city in England called Worcester (which is famous for nothing other than inventing a sauce). James has been kicking around on the radio in the UK for a while now & has recently been heard on air just down the road in Oman! Mr Everton likes DJing and in the past has done gigs for everyone from Manchester United to Coca-Cola.

James likes his cars but is a terrible driver. He loves fangirling over Little Mix & is convinced they ‘miss’ him now he is over here in the UAE… When he isn’t on the radio James is usually tweeting that he is bored, he then goes to eat, then tweets he is getting fat. He’s one of those…

Hear James Everton every afternoon on Channel 4 playing All The Hits

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Cheesecake factory! My credit card takes a pounding! 

The rooftop of Four Points Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road is my favourite. You can chill there in the sun and see EVERYTHING! as the sun goes down. 

I have an old school crush… Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen. I followed them on Instagram a few weeks ago!

I think I would die if I ever got the chance to talk to Katy Perry - she's so sassy! 

The best man to perform live EVER is Bruno Mars. Fact!! 

I fidget. I get bored so easy... You'd hate to be sat next to me on a long journey! 

I once made One Direction feel sick after giving them old cupcakes!

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