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Let me tell you the story of how I got into radio. Being 5 minutes younger than my twin brother, I always felt the need to speak out loud to get my parents attention. This habit grew on me, and now everyone complains of my loud voice. Despite this habit being an annoyance to my surrounding, it was a call for me to consider a career that requires it, and HERE I AM!! I started DJing in Abu Dhabi where I was born at the age of 14 and ever since then I haven't spent a day without extensively listening to music. My nickname at home is "Mr. I Know" because the answer to any question is at the tip of my tongue. Apart from radio, you can catch me DJing around different venues in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

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Chicken is my “go to” food. I am a fan of spicy food, which is why I also love Asian food!


I have a super busy schedule daily and I rarely get time to chill. When I do have a minute to get out there and relax, I take my boat out to the sea and relax, listen to music and have a quick swim in the ocean.


It started off with Kelly Rowland, then moved on to Ariana Grande and now I have a major celebrity crush on Alessia Cara.


I have had the opportunity to interview so many artists and celebrities that I always dreamt of interviewing. However, the one public figure I would love to interview would be Barak Obama. I believe we have so many common views and interests that we would be able to ace that interview!


I am not a big fan of concerts but the one concert I enjoyed the most was of Justin Timberlake’s at Emirates Palace in 2007. What a mind-blowing performer!


I’m really bad at saying no. It’s worse when it bites back!


Opening for Coldplay on New Year’s Eve 2016 was that one stage that made me feel like “wow!”. Sharing the same platform with such a successful international act, Incredible!