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Mica always heard "you talk so much" growing up. So she kept doing what she loved and turned it into a career. Landing her first job as a road runner, she worked her way up to being a presenter. But after a few vacays  in Dubai she never wanted to leave. So when the opportunity came she left Australia and moved to U.A.E.

She loves to play the tunes you love and the ones you need to hear!



I love Asian food. Give me a spicy vege curry anyday of the week.


Either watching Netflix or going for coffee


Mr. Brown


Post Malone. He seems like such a chilled guy but knows how to have a good time.


Hands down, Yeezy! His energy and his vibe was unreal.


I'm a late person and I'm really bad with names.....


I'm pretty sure I called Bruno Mars once, does that count?