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Laila was born in London but considers Dubai home after growing up in the UAE and being here for 19 years. The oldest of 3 kids and also the loudest!

She started her radio journey as an intern and quite literally talked her way on air!!

She’s a fulltime fangirl, concert junkie (if there’s ever a gig on she’ll be front row) and she’s passionate about finding new artists and music!


  • Siblings say: “She’s the oldest sister that acts like the youngest and we don’t tell her our stories cause we’re scared they’ll end up on the radio!!!”
  • Friends say: “Well, Laila’s without a doubt the most extra person we know and she’s always crying at animal videos!!!”

Parents say: “We don’t know where we went wrong!”


  • The song that describes you?
  • I have a fear/phobia of?                                Small spaces, they are an absolute no for me!!!
  • Fav movie is?                                                           How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days and The Chronicles of Narnia
  • A song that I can listen on repeat and never get tired of?                                                                    GIRL by Maren Morris
  • Fav place to chill in Dubai?                                 My house or the stables