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Most people when they first meet Jacob mention something about his height, age or the fact he “looks like he’s from a boy band”. When he tells people he’s 18, it usually blows their mind as they expected him to be 17. Growing up in New Zealand, moving to Australia when he was 8 and now living in the UAE, Jacob clearly doesn’t like being in one place for a long time. Unless it’s a radio studio… for the past 5 years radio and music have been Jacobs life (when you listen to him you wouldn’t quite think so). You can catch him on 104.8 Channel 4 between 1pm to 4pm Sunday – Thursday playing your fav tunes.

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Anywhere that sushi, nothing makes me as happy as sushi does


A sushi restaurant, or the beach.


Kylie Jenner… I know, classic 18 year old boy answer


Ed Sheeran, I just want to sing with him. Maybe a duet, maybe an album? I mean I’m open to anything Ed.


Ed Sheeran – Brisbane, Australia


Everything about me (Answered by my mother)


Standing behind a news reporting waving. Yeah. I was one of THOSE guys.