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Show Us Your Bass Face

Date: Friday October 31st
Venue: Meydan, Dubai
Line-up: Martin Garrix, Roger Sanchez,
Hard Rock Sofa, AN21 & Max Vangeli
and Mr White

One massive night of dance.

Sensation, the world's leading dance festival, is coming to Dubai.

Expect a massive night of incredible EDM, along with stunning production that you will not see anywhere else.

On Halloween night Sensation will take over Meydan racecourse and will be the very first outdoor edition of Sensation - it will be called “Source of Light”.

It is a legendary night out where everyone MUST wear white and will be talked about for months to come.


We have stacks of tickets to win for Sensation - to go in the draw take a bass face selfie and send it to us!
Click here to upload yours.

Step 1: Ensure your face is completely neutral.
Step 2: Begin a gentle head nodding action to the rhythm of the music. Act casual.
Step 3: Wait for the beat to drop…
Step 4: Screw up your facial features and nod enthusiastically in an approving manner.


Step 5: Resume normal facial expression.
Step 6: Upload to and wait to win.

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