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5 Crazy facts about Dubizzle!

Thinking of buying something in the UAE, but you don't want it too expensive or brand new, we guarantee that you have at least once looked onto Dubizzle for that item! 

Visit the Abu Dhabi dedicated Dubizzle site at Or download the Dubizzle app. Plus there are chances to win Ferrari World tickets with Helen and Kolter from 4pm every day! 

Here are 5 crazy facts about Dubizzle

1: Dubizzle has Dh37 million worth of second hand stuff! 

That is equivalent to Christiano Ronaldo's entire salary!

2: 194,490 posts are put up on Dubizzle

That's a post every other minute! 

3: 1,452 baby strollers have been posted on to Dubizzle! 

Totaling up to Dh744,000, that's enough to buy you 3,000 tickets to Ferrari World! 

4: 10,753 sofas have been sold on Dubizzle


That's enough to furnish every hotel room on Reem Island! 

5: 1,924 SLR cameras have been sold on Dubizzle

Totaling up to the equivalent of Brad Pitt's monthly salary!