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Get romantic with The Palace Downtown Dubai

Get romantic with The Palace Downtown Dubai this Valentines Day.

The Palace Downtown Dubai is the ultimate place to get romantic on the lead up to Valentines Day.

What kind of Valentines
are you?

Adventurous or Authentic? Quiet? Extravagant? Or simply affectionate?

Which ever Valentine you are, the Palace Downtown Dubai has a beautiful February 14th waiting for you and your special someone.


Marwan and Eve are getting romantic every day this week!

No matter if you are in a relationship or not - we have your chance to win this week on the lead up to the big day!

Could you come on air and tell your wife you adore her?

Do you need Marwan and Eve to ask out your crush for you - live on air?!

What do you need to say to someone?

We have big prizes to win thanks to The Palace Downtown Dubai - from Afternoon Teas, Brunches and even Spa Days!