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Could you be young Shrek?

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We need a boy or girl between 7-10 years old, no taller than 144 cm who must be available for all performances in the week. The star may go home after intermission after each show but 2 hours of rehearsal/costume fittings will be required on the opening day. 

The performer will get 2 complimentary tickets per performance so they can show off and invite friends and family but they must arrive 1 hour prior to show time for all shows after the opening. 

Whomever accompanies the child must speak English, also they will be required to wear all black clothing while backstage. Please make sure that both the chaperone and child have the approved backstage passes while on the venue premises.  

When they arrive to the theatre, they must sign-in and report to their dressing room. It is important they stay in their dressing room so make up and wardrobe can find them easily! We will be expecting them to arrive one hour prior to curtain time before every show.  

When the Stage Manager calls places, the chaperone will escort them up to stage level to meet with their stage management liaison. When the show begins, the dance captain will collect the child and escort him / her on to stage to her place. When the child exits Stage Right, a stage manager will make sure the child is reconnected with the chaperone.  

Once reconnected with the Chaperone, they will be expected to return to their dressing room for help getting out of costumes and make up. Once out of costume the Chaperone and child will be expected to exit the backstage area. They are able to use their badges to come around and view the show as long as a local representative of the presenter escorts them.  

The chaperone is allowed to take as many pictures as they would like, but there is to be no filming or pictures while in the stage area.  

This is the chance to do something completely different and so much fun, fill in the form above for your chance to get involved with Shrek The Musical.