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We tried the Dubai Zombie Challenge!

Last weekend the Dubai Zombie Challenge took place at the very (creepy) abandoned, Wonderland Theme Park - and the whole team from Channel 4 team went... Here's what happened! 

After meeting up outside the gates, half of us were putting on a brave face, while the other half were being held down so they couldn't make a run for it! After heading in, and seeing some of the Zombies, everyone was on edge - But it was time for Survival Training! 

The lovely Laura from La Manoir De Paris, got her megaphone out and got straight to the training. "DROP AND GIVE ME 20! - You're not gonna survive if you're not fit enough!" With a zombie on a chain behind us, chomping at the bit to get a bite of our human skin, we begin to run in circles; preparing ourselves for the course. 

Once all warmed up we headed into the course, the first stop? The Horror House, left abandoned, by the owners of Wonderland. The 9 of us headed into the pitch black room, huddled together like penguins, feeling the walls in an attempt to find the exit.

We bumped into dead end after dead end, with the underlying fear that at some point a zombie will be there to greet us. 

After, what felt like an eternity we were out, and greeted with our first zombie - Walking slowly, dragging one of his legs behind him, we thought we could make an easy escape.

But, there's one thing you need to know about zombies, they're unpredictable. In a blink of an eye he was on the attack, in a panic our group of 9, split into two. 

With one group pursuing a route they thought was correct, and the other convinced their way was better, it was clear that if this was a team building exercise, we would have lost. 

Obviously, we're not going to tell you everything that happened at the Dubai Zombie Challenge, that would be giving it away!

The entire Channel 4 Team has the best time at the Dubai Zombie Challenge, and we can't wait for it to come back, darker and scarier than ever!

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