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10 items of clothing you need to buy from Reserved right now!

Reserved is opening it's newest store in Abu Dhabi! Take a look at 10 items of clothing you need to buy from reserved right now! 

1: This cozy looking jacket! 

Price: Dh134

2: Every man needs a leather jacket in their life! 

Price: Dh267

3: Imagine a night out in this! 

Price: Dh223

4: Electric blue jacket to make you POP! 

Price: Dh160 

5: The essential winter boot! 

Price: Dh125

6: Gentle men... A high top is needed in your wardrobe! 

Price: Dh178

7: A lady can never have too many bags! 

Price: Dh160

8: Every man needs a backpack! 

Price: Dh116

9: Comfort is key! 

Price: Dh50!!!!!!

10: Every girls needs some lazy day pants! 

Price: Dh55!!!!

We're serious when we say you have to get down to their new store in Abu Dhabi Mall! Wanna know the best bit? Listen to Ben from 1pm, and you could be winning Dh500 to spend in store!