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There is now a Nutella Lipstick!

Ladies.. Your 2 favorite things are coming together..

Here comes the Nudetella!

Yes you read that right.. There is now a Nutella Flavored Lipstick!

The lipstick comes with 4 shades; Nudi-Tea, Skinny Dip, Birthday Suit and Bake it Naked.

Girls are so excited about this latest beauty product. But the question arises.. Is this going to work? 

I mean how long can it last on your lipstick before you lick it off?! 

Well, they said its smudge proof so that explains a lot.. But it still smells like Nutella!

It's also vegan and water proof! 

Boys.. you don't need to think twice on what to get your girl for Christmas!

Thanks Channel 4.. You're welcome.


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