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Your cars will now have digital number plates in Dubai and it has epic features!

You will soon be able to replace your metal number plate to a Digital one..

Dubai is always ahead of the game with its smart technologies! 

New Digital number plates are being introduced by RTA.

No more having that boring metal vehicle plate! 

The Digital plate has these epic features:

1. It automatically sends out alert to police and ambulance Centres in case of accidents! 

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YES WAY! Wait, we're not done yet..

2. You can get to change your number plate simply through the RTA app.

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3. You don't need to head every year for renewing your vehicle plate. Your car registration will be automatically renewed after passing the vehicle test! 

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4. The smart screen will flash 'stolen' if someone tries to carjack the vehicle or steal the digital plate.

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5. The Digital number plate will allow vehicles to connect with each other and exchange information on traffic condition or if there is an accident on the road. All this information will be connected to the central command system of the RTA.

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What a time to be alive!


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