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What's the UAE's opinion on the Hyperloop?

Speaking to Emirates 24/7 The Director-General of the UAE's Federal Transport Authority, Dr. Abdulla S. Al Katheeri gave his thoughts on the Hyperloop Saying it's "very interesting and it is definitely a new thing to look at as a mode of transportation.”

The Hyperloop will take passengers to Abu Dhabi from Dubai in 15 minutes, travelling at roughly 1,100kph! All the funding for the project is complete, now all that the world is waiting for is the technology to allow humans to safely go up to the Hyperloop's speed. 

Chief Executive Officer, Rob Lloyd said in a presentation focused on The Hyperloop  “Our goal in the next three years is to select the top three projects in the world where we can build hyperloop and demonstrate its capabilities. We will be working with innovative companies, innovative regulators and innovative governments to try to make that a reality.”

The Hyperloop is expected to arrived in the UAE, within the next 10 years!