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Watch: Jay-Z gets the crowd singing for Beyoncé on her birthday!

How do you spend your birthday?

From my perception, a typical girl's birthday in the UAE goes as this:

  • Gathering at a restaurant/cafe/lounge with 3 friends. (can go up to 7 if she is more friendly)
  • Throwing the birthday girl a surprise (that she has seen coming but has to act surprised) of staff showing up with a cake singing happy birthday.
  • The rest of the people looking awkwardly at the girl and gossiping about the whole situation.
  • The birthday girl thanking everyone for the amazing surprise (again, she already knew about it) posting snaps of the cake and taking a minimum of 200 selfies.
  • Ends with a boomerang of her posing with the helium baloon?

Well, if you can relate to this, I suggest you stop reading now.

Because Jay-Z has made the entire crowd at Made In America Festival sing happy birthday for Beyonce!

The crowd singing for Beyonce

Beyonce's reaction celebrating her 36th birthday

Beyonce and Jay-Z's outfits at the festival

No more settling for less than a crowd singing happy birthday to you! Just saying..

Published by - Dalia Amer