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Top 4 tips to perfect your DJ mix!

Armani Jeans wants to know if you've got the flow, so to help you out we've put together the top 5 tips to help make your DJ mix perfect! 

The process of mixing one record to the next can be broken down into four steps:

Choose the next record – sequencing

Beatmatching, if necessary

Count bars and pressing play



DJ’s speed up and slow down records using the pitch controls on their decks, so that their respective BPM’s match – that’s what we mean by ‘beatmatching’.

When two beatmatched tracks are played simultaneously, it all sounds pretty good! If they’re even slightly out of sync, the mix will descend into an awful mess and all rhythm goes out the window.

Beatmatching is always necessary!

Track selection

The first job of a DJ is to play good music. Track selection is about context – choosing the right track for the right time.

Tastes aside, there are elements of track selection that are all scientific. Mixing a new track in with a key that compliments the current song will sound good, whilst heavy pitching can make it impossible mix in a track with a significantly different BPM – this happens a lot when mixing between genres.

There’s a lot to consider when sequencing tracks.

Counting bars

Having foundation knowledge of the structure of music is important to DJing – fortunately it’s quite easy. Most house music has a ‘four-to-the-floor’ (4/4) beat – that means a kick on every beat. 

Once you’ve chosen and beatmatched your next record, turn to the incumbent and listen for the start of a 32-beat bar, hitting play as the next bar begins. By doing this, both inbound and outbound records will add and remove layers of sound simultaneously, which sounds nice and musical.

The vast majority of dance music is written in 4/4, so the rule of 32 is very reliable when DJing. 


When you’re on that bus or plane, your only option is to turn the sound up – you can’t turn the engine down can you? Fortunately, DJ’s don’t have this problem because their mixers can turn frequencies up and down.

Equalising is the practice of balancing the frequencies between the two, or more, records in a mix so that they are clear and undistorted.

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