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The penguin that needs to learn how to swim..?!

Meet Charlotte, unlike all of her penguin buddy’s, she’s not playing in the water, because she’s scared of it!

This is quite a problem for Charlotte, because their main source of food is fish, and they live underwater… obviously!

Born and raised in a wildlife park in the UK, Charlotte has been spoilt, having staff at the park bringing food straight to her. But that changed this week! Charlotte’s getting swimming lessons!

Penguins in the wild learn how to swim by copying their parents, but Charlotte’s parent is full-grown human being Alistair Keen who raised the little penguin since the day she hatched, and now he’s going to get her in the water! 

We don't think that Charlotte is too keen on getting in the water, the bird that can't fly has even tried to fly away!

Alistair has been working hard and has got her in the water a few times, Alistair thinks she'll be in the water in no time.. We're not too sure...!