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The dog collar that will have all the other pups jealous!

Humans have all the tech toys in the world, and now it's time for the pets to have some gadgets!

Introducing Buddy, the smart dog collar. Created by Squeaker the same company that came up with the Poochlight, the collar that keeps dogs visible in the dark. 

Take a look at the video below and try and tell us this collar is not the smartest thing ever! 

The gadget allows you to track how your dog is doing while you're away, if they are moving around, how much water they have drunk, or food they have eaten and even tracking their whereabouts, so if they escape - you'll have no trouble finding them! 

At the moment Buddy is completely sold out, but you can pre-order one for Dh1,034 - and have your pooch looking fly! 

I mean, look at how cool her looks!