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Restaurant that hangs 100ft up in the air!

An airborne pop-up restaurant has opened in London for 2 weeks! And we want to get on a plane and try it ourselves!

Dinner in the Sky is a dining experience that takes place 25 meters in the air! Back in 2008 the company came to Dubai and served people for a short period of time, but we want to do it again!

The restaurant gives you the opportunity to mix fine dining and a rollercoaster, not that anyone has ever thought about doing that before.

You are fully harnessed into the seats, quite like an extreme fairground ride, and lifted into the air with 22 other guests.

However the experience isn’t the cheapest costing you close to Dh300 per person for breakfast, Dh700 for Lunch and Dh1150 for Dinner.

Dinner in the Sky has been in Dubai before but at the moment is not available here. We hope it comes back soon!!