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New website in Dubai will allow you to book a parking space in advance!

Lets face it, trying to find a parking space in this country is a nightmare! They're either all filled up with dusty abandoned cars, or are used by people living in the building near by. The last resort is parking on some sand, which will dirty your car, and can't be doing your tyres a world of good! 

But there is a man who has come up with a plan to end this problem, Adnan Masood, from Australia has decided that hotels and companies could rent out unused parking spaces to motorists who need a place to park.

The website, named, allows drivers to search for a space in their desired location, book it in advanced and then pay for the space! 

The website is already being used by over 1,000 people Dubai in areas like Business Bay, Downtown Dubai, and JLT, the price of the spaces range from Dh300 a month in Business Bay, from Dh700 a month in Downtown Dubai and from Dh840 in JLT. 

If you're planning on getting a decent parking space, Parkkey is available in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah. Speaking to The National Masood said: "UAE has a deeply ingrained driving culture, with 80 per cent of people driving, that is why parking has been a major problem and is getting worse."