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It's happened! Hoverboards have been banned in Dubai!

It’s happened! The ban on IO Hawk/Hoverboard/Segways is well underway, starting with Malls across Dubai.

The rumours began at the start of this month, but now The Department of Economic Development have acted after a series of complaints, after a series of concerned shopkeepers, collision and damage due to the latest tech trend.

The Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection (CCCP) have told malls to stop allowing the use of the boards around the malls to prevent possible collisions with people, displays and to prevent injuries of the people on the boards.

“We will put up signs banning the use of these Segway scooters across malls in co-ordination with the malls management. Mall visitors are requested to co-operate and adhere to the ban in order to prevent inconvenience and damages to both traders as well as other visitors. We also call on parents to prevent their children from using these devices in malls to avoid accidents and any legal liability that may follow.” Said Abdul Aziz Al Tannak, Director of Commercial Control in DED.