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iPhone 7 rumours and leaks already?!

While most Apple fans are still fighting to get their hands on the iPhone 6s, rumours are already flying around about what the new iPhone 7 has to offer.

Gene Munster at Piper Jaffray, a full service investment banking company, have already come up with their own suspicions on what the iPhone 7 will have to offer.

He said “'we expect the iPhone 7 to sport a unique design from the iPhone 6/6S'.

He believes that the home button will be non-existent, and will instead be replaced by the 3D Touch that was introduced on the 6s.

Gene added 'As many have speculated, the addition of 3D Touch may provide Apple with a way to eliminate the home button on the phone and use the additional space to make the screen bigger or make the device smaller,'

However, this would mean the Touch ID sensor will have to be moved on the phone.

Battery life is a main focus on the iPhone 7 Gene Munster believes adding 'Looking at Macs over the past few years, Apple has close to doubled battery life for its Macbook line up (largely 5 hour battery to ~10 hours).

'We believe battery life is one of the biggest areas of potential improvement and one that might be most welcomed by customers.'

Obviously it’s a long time coming before the new iPhone comes out… So lets just be happy the iPhone 6s is as lovely as it is!