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How much caffeine is ACTUALLY in your coffee!

You wake up in the morning and you need your caffeine fix, right? Everyone does at some point. But how much caffeine is actually in your morning coffee, and is it really keeping you awake, or just making you crave more?

Caffeine Informer checked cappuccino's from some of the most popular coffee shops around the world, and found out how much caffeine is actually in the cappuccino you're drinking.

Costa Coffee came out of top with the most amount of caffeine in their cappuccino's! The amount of caffeine that goes into their cappuccino's is so high, we're surprised Costa fans manage to sleep at all! 

Cafe Nero was second on the list, with 80mg of caffeine in their cappaccinos.. That's 100mg less caffeine than Costa coffee! 

It turns out that Starbucks Coffee is on the lower part of the list with one of the least amounts of coffee in their cappuccino, so maybe it's not worth that 6 extra Dirhams after all! 

McDonalds was found to have the least amount of caffeine in their coffee, but those coffee's with an Egg McMuffin in the morning is perfection, so we wont complain!