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Eyebrows on fleek? Add a slit, and make them even more on fleek!

Back in the early 2000's eyebrow slits took over the world, it was so cool, David Beckham even did it! 

Well now the trend has made an unexpected return, and it's looking pretty on fleek! 

Guys and girls are getting the scissors out, cutting their eyebrows and posting to social media! 

And it's not just one eyebrow slit, a number of cuts into your eyebrows will work just fine too! 

And if you're not a fan of your newly cut slits, just pencil them in, and you'll be on fleek in no time! 

It's so popular, even Princess Belle is doing, and she is suiting it just fine! 


Gangsta belle #browslit #belle

A photo posted by Siân Bullingham-Nash (@sianrobyn123) on

So what do you think, is this trend coming back or should it stay in 2001?