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Control your smartphone screen from your skin!

Okay, seriously. The future is officially here, first The Hoverboard has actually been invented and is an actual thing, and now iSkin! 

The iSking is an invention created by Max Planck from Germany, which has been based off of a piece of technology actual robots use to sense their surroundings.

The piece of technology is made from a silicon-based materiel, mixed with black carbon powder. With the actual sensors created to look like patterned tattoos of peoples arms... or wherever they wish to put their iSkin. 

Once the device has been put on and connected, users can turn the silicone sensor into a surface for controlling their smartphone screen! 

The product is still in it's development stage, and has to be connected with wires to a computer. Development, however is going; further to get the iSkin working wirelessly through WiFi or Bluetooth!