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Annoying over sharers stay in relationships longer!

You know when you look at a happy couple on Facebook or Instagram, you always go.. Ew.

In a relationship or not, it’s cringey to lovey-dovey, coupled up, yuk photos. Well, these couples are onto something – They’re going to stay together longer!

The University of Wisconsin-Madison tracked 180 students in relationships and asked them a series of questions, from how long have you been together to how committed are you to this relationship… Stuff like that.

Then the boffins logged into their Facebooks and saw how many photos they had with one another, compared how many mutual friends they had and how many showed they were “in a relationship”

6 months after the first Facebook search, they asked each couple if they were still together. And the couple with the most pictures, status’ and mutual friends was the only couple left!

Six months after the initial questioning, each couple was asked if they were still dating. And to everyone’s absolute shock, the ones that posted more photos with their partners were more likely to still be together.

Personally we think it’s because they’re too embarrassed to announce their split because their whole relationship is plastered all over the internet!