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A very "Royale" wedding!

When Joel Burger met Ashley King, they knew they were a match made in heaven.

Back in April the childhood sweethearts went viral after posting a photo of them both announcing their engagement outside of their local Burger King.

When Burger King caught on with what was going on, the huge chain of stores decided to pick up the bill for their wedding. And the Royale Wedding was born!

Unfortunately the Burgers, who tied the knot on the 17th July decided not to go for the doubled-barrelled name option.

Despite wanting a traditional wedding, some Royale touches were added. Every guest wore a Burger King Crown and received a $10 voucher to spend at McDonalds…

We’re totally kidding, it was for Burger King.

All the groomsmen wore Burger King T-Shirts under their suits.. Like superman, but with way more carbs!  

To congratulate the newlyweds, their local Jacksonville Burger King changed their sign!

Now that their married, Joel and Ashley are planning on having a little bun in the oven soon. (HA!)