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9 sleep positions that reveal a lot about your personality

Here are 9 sleep positions that tell us all about your personality! This is totally science-y, so it has to be true...

Pillow Hugger

This isn’t really a position, but if you hug your pillow more often than others, take note!

The most important things in your life are friendships, relationships and family. You tend to help others more than you help yourself because you want to please everyone you meet, and make them happy. Awh!


This position is one of the most common.  This is when a person sleeps on their side with legs curled up.

You’ve got a tough exterior that’s hard to crack, but deep inside you’re very shy, sensitive person.


This is when you sleep on your side with arms stretched out in front of you.

You’re supposedly suspicious of other people, but very inviting to most. You’re slow to make choices and decisions, but once your mind is made up, you don’t ever change.


This is when you lie on your side with your legs and arms by your side… like a log duh.

You love engaging with people, whoever they are. You are very trusting but this could leave you being very gullible.


Sleeping like a starfish… No one else is allowed in your bed, there’s no room!

One big priority in life is having loyal friends. You love giving advice and helping out with any of your friends problems.


When you sleep straight on your back with your arms by your side.

You tend to take yourself very seriously, and have a structured lifestyle. You end up having very high expectations, not just for yourself, but for people around you too.


The soldier position, and the starfish… You tend to mix between the two.

You can be easily lead by other people, but that’s because you go with the flow and have a very relaxed attitude.


You sleep face-down with your head turned to the side… So you can breathe.

You’re very sociable and a free spirit, but you can be very straight forwards and to the point if you need to be. You’re a little sensitive to criticism, and at times can be a little nervous.


We know this isn’t a sleep position… but it’s worth mentioning!

Snorers tend to have extreme emotions, and if this is you, your mood can vary from hyperactivity and depression.  But you’re also known as a very passionate person, living life to the full!