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77 Thoughts everyone has walking through Dubai Mall

1. Ughhh! I should’ve gone to Cinema Parking!

2. Ooooh! A parking space.. Oh no someone’s parked over the line

3. Okay, I’m parked. That wasn’t difficult.

4. Should I get that piece of paper to remember where I’ve parked?

5. Oh, but people are around… I’ll look like a tourist… I am not a tourist, I drive A CAR!

6. Okay I’ll do it discretely

7. Okay, Okay done! Walk away swiftly, no one saw...

8. I am so far away from Topshop….

9. Should I get one of the mall taxi’s?

10. No, people will look at me, and I’m on my own

11. Why even think that, you’re such a loser.

12. Ooooh! Aquarium!

13. There is definitely more fish in here than last time

14. Did they get a bigger shark?!

15. How do the sharks not eat the other fish?

16. Candylicious looks delicious

17. OMG! That’s why they named it Candylicious!

18. Twizzlers taste like rubber.. Actual plastic

19. I guess that’s why they’re so cheap

20. I’ll just buy a couple of packets….

21. Has Millions of Milkshakes shut down?!

22. this is not okay, I feel like an actual Kardashian when I drink the Kim Kardashian shake

21. OMG she was in this store… I AM a Kardashian

22. Right let’s get walking!

23. SEPHORA!!!!!

24. I’m not going to buy anything, I’m just going to look.

25. Hmm… I do need my eyebrows waxed

26. Okay you can tint them too!

27. I guess it’s going to save me from pencilling them in for a few days

28. I look like I have actual slugs on my eyebrow

29. Huge slugs…

30. People are staring…

31. Okay, now I feel awkward….

32. No I don’t want my moustache waxed

33. I don’t even have a moustache!

34. OMG I have a moustache

35. My face is so red…

36. Now I NEED to buy that concealer to cover up all this red!

36. Should I go get food?

37. I feel like fast food… Maybe Chinese

38. OMG this food court is packed


40. I would love to try that stuff

41. No way I’m queuing for that long though!

42. Ugh, McDonalds it is then…

43. Okay, I feel sick…

44. But that Minions Ice Cream looks awesome.

45. No! Lets go and get what I needed!

46. Which way should I go….?

47. Ah! Okay via the Ice rink!

48. This mall is huge!

49. I should really go ice skating soon

50. Oooh! Maybe I should go to Ski Dubai soon!

51. They have penguins there!

52. Penguins are cute.


54. WHAAAAAAAT??!!!?!?!?!

55. I’m only going in to have a look!

56. It’s so dark in here….

57. And expensive!

58. Is there a sale rack anywhere…?

59. Nope.. Okay I should go.

60. I look stupid with my phone torch on in here anyway…

61. Head down and walk to the store you need to get to! No more distractions!

62. Oh my god I’ve gone completely the wrong way

63. Why am I back in Sephora!

64. I need a snack…

65. Detour to waitrose

66. No thank you, I don’t want a dress I can wear in 123345 different ways.

67. I have my own hair straighteners.. Thank you!

68. Who does their weekly shop in here?!

69. it’s so expensive!

70. Okay, back on track with my coconut water…

71. I never drink coconut water, why have I bought this?


73. Topshop here I come!

74. I should definitely go upstairs to Virgin Megastores.

75. They have so many quirky things in there

76. Oh… I have no money left….

77. Where did I park my car?