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7 Cleaning Products Perfect for All Lazy People

Everyone has to clean up once in a while. And everyone's reaction is the same... 

But have no fear! We have found 7 genius ways to make cleaning easier for you! 

1: Remote control mop

Just like a video game, but cleaning! Sit on that couch and relax! Just move your thumbs a little and the house will be clean in no time! 

If that doesn't look like fun, we don't know what is! 

2: The bin that does almost everything for you

Okay, we seriously want one of these. The bin bags are already in the bin ready for you, it has a sensor on the top of it, so you don't even have to touch the thing! Best bit? It has a charging port for your mobile phone, they're really focusing on the essentials here! 

But this bit is our favourite, it has a vacuum at the bottom of the bin, so you can do this....


3: The Onesie that turns your baby into a mop

If you don't have a kid, that's okay, just babysit one. Baby's love the floor, so why not get them to give you a helping hand with this bad boy! 

4: Or the slippers that clean on the go

If you can't find a baby to sit, we've got you an alternative! These gorgeous looking inventions, they're available in all sorts of colours too! 

Look at them.. Perfect! 

5: Window cleaning robot

Okay, we don't know how well this thing works.. BUT ROBOT so it's in the list. Winbot has a very clever pathfinder technology, so this thing can stick to glass and mirrors, and works it's way round and round and round and round and - You get the idea! 

6: Keyboard cleaning putty

YAY! Finally an excuse for adults to play with putty again! And Look at the colour of it.. Ooooo pretty! 

7: Toothbrush and toothpaste COMBINED

We don't know why people didn't think of this sooner, but it's here now. All you have to do is screw the top of your toothbrush to the tube of toothpaste and magic happens right before your eyes. 

All of these products are available online, but if you're too lazy to get online and shop for them. We have a solution for you.....