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5 of the best burgers in the UAE, and how to burn the calories!

Everyone need a burger no and again, even if you’re dieting!

So, we’ve decided to put together some of the most popular burgers in a list, and tell you how you can burn the calories after!

Find Salt

The picture says it all really. But running is boring, so we’re going to NASA for a more fun way of burning these calories. Jump!

Head over the Bounce Inc and you’ll burn those calories off in 10 minutes!

According to NASA, so we know for sure this is a real face. Jumping on a Trampoline for 10 minutes will burn the same amount of calories as running for 30! Awesome – We wouldn’t recommend jumping right after the burger though… Yuk!

Chicken Big Mac

Whenever you have a guest over, you need to show them the Chicken Big Mac, it’s basically a delicacy here.

The Chicken Big Mac contains 350 Calories, meaning you will have to run for a total of 45 minutes, at a constant speed. Urgh, difficult!

Paddleboard instead! You could paddleboard at a relaxed speed for an hour, get a tan and burn the calories off, get down to Kite Surf Beach now!

Beef Burger at Vida Food Truck

The Vida Food Truck has been around for quite some time, and the food is delicious!

The Beef Burger there is around 265 calories, you’ll only have to run for 30 minutes at a constant speed to burn it off. But we don’t like running!

Nip next door to The Dubai Mall and ice skate. Ice skating for an hour slowly, or at your own pace will burn more calories than the burger you just ate! Result! Having fun, eating whatever you want and getting skinny!

5 Guys Burger

The newbies to join The UAEs burger community is 5 guys, if you haven’t tried their signature burger yet, get to Dubai Mall as soon as possible! YUM!

The burger comes in at 700 calories, totally explains why it tastes so good! To burn those calories you’ll have to run at 8kph for a whole hour… No!

Get to the ski slope at Ski Dubai and you will be able to burn those calories off by going up and down the slopes for 2 and a half hours… We know it seems like a lot, but that’s super fun!

Burger King

We couldn’t talk about burgers without mentioning the King of Burgers... See what we did there? Burger King… King of Burgers… Never mind.

A standard Whopper with cheese, comes in at 710 calories! Meaning another hour of running, and we just don’t want to do that!

Lets go rock climbing instead! Rock climbing for an hour and a half will burn off 954 calories, that’s insane, it means technically you can have 1 Whopper and 1/3 of someone else’s! YES! Burgers for days!