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8 Chocolate Bars they Need to Bring Back IMMEDIATELY!!

You know when you think of food, and then go "Oh I haven't had that in a while" then you go on to find out THEY DON'T MAKE THEM ANYMORE. You're heart sinks more and more every time you think about it. Well just have a look at the chocolate bars that are no longer made anymore, and cry with us!  

1: Cadbury Snaps

Just like a Pringle, once you pop you can't stop BUT MADE WITH CHOCOLATE! Get these back on our shelves right away or we will be forced to write a very strongly worded letter! 

2: The Cadbury Snowflake

So Cadbury came out with a white chocolate flake with milk chocolate dipped on the outside, and it was absolute bliss. Then they discontinued them in 2008 to be replaced with Flake Dipped, which was just boring milk chocolate flake dipped in more milk chocolate.. Who wants that when we can have WHITE CHOCOLATE. We vote bring them back.. NOW! 

I mean just look at that thing, why would you stop such beauty?!

3: Mars Delight 

The "Surprisingly Crispy, Deliciously Smooth" Chocolate bar arrived on our shelves in 2004 and it was announced as one of the fattiest chocolate bars in the UK, packing in a massive 99 calories per bar.. PER BAR! So it's not really surprising that it was discontinued 7 years later.. It was a good run Mars Delight, thanks for the memories! 

4: Milkybar Munchies

The adult version of a Milkybar! So we think that Milkybar decided to make us adults, never grow up back to the plain Milkybar we go! You will be missed! 

5: Kit Kat Senses 

OH EM GEEE! If you never had the chance to try one of these you missed out. You know a Kinda Beuno, it was pretty much like that.. So actually, maybe you haven't missed out. Well done Kinda, you win this time. 

6: Cadbury Dream

In 2001 Cadbury introduced us to something so sweet, so beautiful, so AMAZING only to take it away from us 13 years later. 

7: Milkybar CHOO!

For just AED1 we enjoyed Nestle's version of Cadbury's Chomp Bar, and to be honest, it was way better. But they were taken out of manufacturing in 2009, I guess we'll just have to make do with a Chomp! (Unless you're in India, you can get them in flavours: Original, Strawberry and Chocolate) 

8: Fox's Echo Bar

In 1853 Mr Fox brought out a chocolate bar called the Echo Bar.. In later years they brought out the Orange Echo Bar, chocolaty orangey goodness and then it got better with the Mint Echo Bar, minty chocolaty goodness and then it got bad.. They discontinued them.