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16 Dubai struggles

If you've just moved here, or you've been here all your life. Here are the struggles we go through living in Dubai! 

1: Every time you tell someone you live in Dubai

"OMG! I have a close family, cousin-type friend, who's dad used to have an uncle, who worked in Dubai!"

2: How everyone thinks you live your life 

Spend, spend, spend! 

3: How you really live your life

When really you're living on Dh10 a day until your next pay cheque! 

4: When all your friends back home think you live in the Burj Khalifa...

Seriously?! Do you know how expensive it is to live there?!

5: When you're saving up for one of these

"I will be driving my dream car! I may have to get out 5 loans, but that car will be mine!"

6: But you're driving a trusty rental 

Toyota Yaris for the win! 

7: When this comes up on your phone... ALL THE TIME! 

You hold your phone up to the closest AC vent, so you can get back to stalking that person on Instagram ASAP!

8: Trying to tame your hair during the summer is virtually impossible 

"This messy bun? I totally did this on purpose!"

9: Finishing work at 5pm, and having to face this


10: Getting into your car after it's been parked in the sun, all day! 


A photo posted by Maria Jose Vásquez (@mariajosevq) on

AC on full, attempt to drive with no hands until the steering wheel is cool enough to touch!

11: When you wash your car one day before an unexpected sandstorm 

"What a waste of Dh20! Now I'm going to have to get it done again" 

12: When you put your sunglasses on before getting outside 


A photo posted by Talal (@talloushi) on

"I can't see anything, omg, where am I going?!"

13: Trying to get MyDubai to re-post your Instagram picture is your number 1 life goal

"This photo of me on a desert dune, will definitely get their attention!"

14: Making the brave trip to Dragon Mart, to then forget where you parked

"I swear I parked it over here by the outdoor furniture, or maybe it was by fashion and textiles???"

15: When your petrol tank is on the left side of your car

Because we all know how long you're going to be waiting, if your tank isn't on the right!

16: When your DEWA bill doubles in the summer

"It was Dh300 last month, I'm sure of it!" 

Got any Dubai Struggles?! Add them to the comments below!