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10 Things 90,000 Dirhams Can Buy You

90,000 Dirhams is a lot of money, but how much can it buy you? We're doing the math! 

1: 90,000 Mcdonalds Ice Creams

At 1 Dirham, they're a bargain! That's a 246 year supply! 

2: A Trip to Disney Land!

Not just 1 trip! 90,000 Dirhams will get you 77, "Park Hopper" trips to Disneyland! 

3: Plane Tickets! 

To get to Disneyland, obviously you need a flight over! You can fly to New York twice in First Class, three times in Business, and sixteen times in Economy! 

4: A Luxury Staycastion! 

Staying in the Underwater Suite at The Atlantis will set you back 40,000 Dirhams, for a weekend stay! 

If you want to stay more than once, 90,000 Dirhams can get you 3 weekend stays in the Presidential Suite at The Atlantis too! 

What about 7-star luxury? 90,000 Dirhams can get you a 2 night stay in the Burj Al Arab, the best bit? You can do it 3 times! 

5: Adrenaline Junkie! 

Jump out of a plane a staggering 45 times at SkyDive Dubai, with 90,000 Dirhams! 

6: Buy a Car! 

This beautiful car will set you back just 16,000 Dirhams, leaving you with 74,000 Dirhams to play with! 

7: 1 years rent! 

You can get yourself a 1 bedroom apartment in Dubai Marina from between 80,000 to 90,000. Money well spent? We think so! 

8: Gadgets! 

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IO Hawk is the coolest toy for grown-ups right now, and with 90,000 Dirhams, you can buy 18 of them! 

9: Buy music! 

You could buy Aqau's Barbie Girl single 18,000 times with 90,000 Dirhams, who doesn't want that?!

10: Fill up your car! 


The average car in the UAE cost 80 Dirhams to fill up. With 90,000 Dirhams you can fill up your car 1,125 times!

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