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14 signs you know it's winter in the UAE

It's dropping 6 degrees this November! So we've put together all the signs that you know it's winter in the UAE! 

1: Global Village opens! 

November 3rd its UAE's flag day, but it also marks the opening of Global Village, which officially means winter is here! 

2: Your heating in the car gets turned on

3: Your AC at home gets turned off

Don't be ridiculous! It's far too cold to have the air-con on! 

4: "The Switch" has been turned on! 

No one wants a cold shower in November! 

5: Winter clothes have been cheap all year, but all of a sudden they double in price! 

"I swear this jumper was Dh40 yesterday?!"

6: Suddenly.. You're outside.. ALL THE TIME! 

And it's not as bad as you thought! 

7: You automatically take a cardigan or jumper with you everywhere

Without even realising! 

8: It's still dark at 6am! 

"Why are the street lamps still on at 6am?!" 

9: If it goes below 20 degrees, the scarf comes out! 

"What are you talking about?! It's FREEZING!" 

10: Going to the cinema is like going to the Arctic

Turn your AC off, or provide us with some blankets! 

11: Tourists look at you like you're crazy! 

"Why is that woman wrapped up so warm? It's boiling outside!"

12: Christmas Trees start to appear everywhere! 


It is an event marked in everyone's calendar.. Because it is amazing! 

14: The air feels so much fresher! 

"Ahhhhh, the great outdoors!"