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10 Ways to Beat the Heat this Summer!

Summer is officially here in the UAE and this is you right now. 

You're MELTING! But follow these tips and summer is going to be a breeze for you! 


1: Turn your water heater off and use the HOT tap! 

Seriously! We all know that as soon as summer hits that cold tap does NOTHING! But if you turn your hot water switch off, the water in that tank that holds that water is shaded, and it will come out cooler than the water in your cold water pipes. Honestly, trust us this works! 

2: Invest in a cooler powered by your phone! 

Like those little plastic ones you can buy from literally any store, but like 10000000x cooler! 

3: Get your car A/C Re-filled. 

This can cost a little more than AED100 and only takes 30 minutes to do, and you can really end up paying the price after a short journey to the mall... 

4: Park as close to the entrance as possible! 

Seriously... AS CLOSE AS POSSIBLE! - Thank us later

5: For AED90 experience -3 degree temperatures! 

Mall of the Emirates has Ski Dubai, Ski Dubai have the Snow Park, the Snow Park is cold, the cold is what we want! GET TO THE SNOW PARK. Added bonus - PENGUINS

6: Invest in an Ice Vest 

This one kind of speaks for itself...

7: Get inventive with your Air Conditioning! 

Let your imagination take you, get creative, whilst staying cool at the same time. Genius right?

8: Use the power of the ICE CUBE! 

Errrm.. Not that one... THIS ONE! 


9: This is the most important one.. KEEP YOUR PHONE OUT OF THE SUN! 

If your phone is out of use, YOU ARE OUT OF USE! How can you possibly phone an air conditioned taxi so you can get to that air conditioned mall you are wishing to be in instead of the heat?

10: Book a flight, to anywhere cooler than here. 

You're welcome!