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10 iPhone 6 cases you should own!

When you buy an iPhone 6 all you want to do is keep it safe. It's like a new baby to you! Don't let that screen crack! Take a look at some of the coolest iPhone 6 cases we could find. Which one would you choose?

Lego case 

The coolest case ever! The colourful case lets you build whatever you want on the back of your phone.  Time to get creative! Available from Amazon for around AED140

Batman case

This is an actual phone case! You wont be able to put this in your pocket… Ever. BUT IT’S THE BATMOBILE, so we don’t care, it’s awesome and we want it. Available for around AED180

The Delorian  

If you’re not a Batman fan, you must be a Back to the Future fan. Attempt to go back in time with this bad boy… The coolest bit is that it lights up! It'll only set you back AED175.. Win! 

Metal bumper 

This edgy looking case will set you back only AED29 on Amazon… Plus it lets you keep the slickness of your phone unlike other chunky cases.

Hand crafted wooden case 

These crafted wooden phone cases will set you back around AED360, but it’s homemade, and totally individual.


These phone cases from Society6 are all slim, flexible and have a unique image on the back. Get online and buy one of these cased for around AED125

Ex-Samsung owners case 

If you’re new to an iPhone and you’re missing your Samsung, why not choose the Samsung case designed for an Apple iPhone 6. The case allows you to check the date and time, answer calls and more without even opening the cover. Get this case for around AED165

Fuel iON magnetic charging case 

Unfortunately Apple hasn’t got involved in magnetic or wireless charging. Doesn’t matter though, just buy a case that does it for your phone! The case costs around AED200 the Fuel iON protects and charges your phone! What more do you need?

Wireless Bluetooth Slide Out Keyboard

Teens don’t realise that the older generation miss the good old QWERTY keyboard, with keys, that you can actually press!

This case doesn’t offer a lot of protection, but it does give you the chance to go back to the Blackberry days, for just AED80! #memories

Incipio Performance Armband  

Fitness freaks rejoice! A waterproof performance armband phone case has been invented, because lets face it, a lot of sweat is happening this summer. But for just AED110 your phone is going to stay protected, and you’re going to stay fit!

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