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TV Prank Show of "Ramez Galal" takes place in Abu Dhabi!

The prank show of The Egyptian Comedian Ramez Galal became a part of Ramadan's Routine every year in the middle east!

Ramez Galal never took a time off from his celebrity pranks every Ramadan coming up with different names and concepts.

His previous shows were named Ramez in the air, Ramez the shark of the sea, Ramez plays with fire..

And this year he is hitting celebs back with "Ramez underground!"

The shooting of the show takes places this year in the capital of United Arab Emirates; Abu Dhabi!

Ramez tricks celebrities with having an interview with the famous tv presenter "Neeshan" 

After the interview he drags them into shooting a promo for the episode in the desert, and the car literally sinks in moving sand with the celebrity in it!

Ramez shows up wearing a giant creepy lizard and scares the celeb out! Thats when he shows his face and reveals the prank.

The show always ends up with the Celeb beating Ramez to death, but he doesn't seem to stop.

Pranks just run in his blood and his playful nature!


Published by - Dalia Amer