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Tips we've learned from staying at a hotel during Public Holidays!

If you don't get the chance to travel during public holidays, it's always a good plan to book a stay-cation.

However, it's worth remembering the following!

1. Pick a hotel with a bigger pool 

As its a busy season, you don't want to be squeezed in with the entire UAE! 

2. Ask for a late checkout

You don't want to be rushing out of your room by 12pm!

3. Check in online 

Skip the waiting time! Check in online if possible to avoid waiting in long queues.

4. Never leave your car to the valet

If you have the option to park your own car, do it! You don't want to spend much time in a busy season waiting for your car with hundreds of cars being delivered!

5. Choose a room on the ground floor

I agree that the view from an upper ground floor is stunning. But trust me elevator is a hustle! It will stop in every floor (Like a metro) so make sure your room is in a lower ground floor, or close to where the pool is! 

6. Don't arrive late to the breakfast buffet 

Breakfast is until 11am so lets go at 10:30am? Sounds like a good idea. But it really isn't!

We've all been through it, feeling so comfortable in hotel beds and not being able to wake up early for breakfast! But if you wanna enjoy a fresh buffet with plenty of food varieties to choose from, the earlier the better! 


Published by - Dalia Amer

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