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Your favourite Dubai hotels could be changing!

The Expo 2020 is creeping up on Dubai rather quickly, and now Hotels are preparing for the Expo by refurbishing!

Emaar Properties is supposedly working of refurbishing three if their properties in Downtown Dubai, including The Palace, and The Address Downtown Dubai, in preparation for the Expo.

This comes after the rebrand of its Qamardeen Hotel to Vida and the newly refurbished Manzil.

Emaar Properties are not the only ones preparing for the Expo, Jumeirah Group intends on refurbishing the 7-star Burj Al Arab, and have assigned designer Ducto Styles and Wood to supervise the project.

The general manager of Ducto Styles and Wood explained that a hotels shelf life is around 7 years, then they need a refurb. The Burj Al Arab has not been refurbished since it’s opening in 1999, though its iconic interior design may not be changed, other things could be modernised.

In 2013 data from Arcadis estimated that at least 10,000 hotel rooms in Dubai will need to be upgraded by 2020.

Refurbishing hotels will play a major role in older properties bringing in guests, and to make sure they can compete against newer hotels in the region.