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Your car could get impounded because of your tyres!

If you haven’t had your car tyres changed recently, you might want to check the expiry date on your tyres… Yep, your tyres have an expiry date!

Abu Dhabi Police have stated that most road accidents are caused by tyres bursting, which could lead to death and serious injury.

Since 1995, a law has been in place to fine drivers that are driving on expired tyres. With the slight increase on these incidents Abu Dhabi Police are urging drivers to check their tyres to avoid the Dh200 fine and up to 1 week impoundment of your vehicle.

The Deputy Director of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police said “As a part of the safety campaigns, a total of 93,488 vehicles were fined over the past three years for unfit tyres. Drivers should be aware of the following: the manufacturing date and date of expiry after installation; the importance of changing an expired tire; and the proper ways to store tyres.”

Finding the manufacturing date on your tyres is a simple process, you’re looking for a 4 digit DOT code, which will be branded on the rim of the tyre. For example if the code is 5212, it means the tyre was created on the 52nd week of 2012. 

Tyres typically have a 4 year life expectancy.